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14 Responses to Should I Try To Get Back With My Ex Or Should I Just Move On?

  • whatshallwedonext says:

    i’d do anything to get my ex back :'( literally anything!

  • TheBooban says:

    After three years I got a second chance and flew in from Europe. I blew it.
    Again. For the same reason. My negativity from my depression came back. Now
    I’m stuck in a hotel room by myself while she is away to see her kids for
    the week end. She says she doesn’t love me. I need help Kevin. Please pm me
    fast. I’ll buy whatever you’re selling afterwards.

  • TheBooban says:

    Yeah, why are they so cold and don’t give a shit afterwards? If I broke up
    with someone I’d be as gentle and helpful as possible. I owe it to them.
    Just talk and talk until you’re exhausted and there are no more questions
    so you can move on.

  • Wolfwolveswolf says:

    Nope, my Love wasn’t good enough, frig her! All they want is MONEY, 6 feet
    or more, and a 24/7 entertainer.
    Get a Dog and find hobbies you like, unless you like self inflicted pain,
    cause that’s all a Man is ever going to get from a woman.

  • Stephen Pahides says:

    Damn you know what’s going on…. Thanks I just kinda of realized it’s ok.

  • John Bramhill says:

    so the first part of the question is “should i get back with my ex” the
    answer……NO! and the second part is “should move on?” the

  • Tamara Johnson says:

    My ex said if we did go back out were going to be moving to fast &.. hes
    not ready to for a relationship again.: ( i think he is making up an excuse
    because i know deep down he still loves me.

  • Dsomerton1 says:

    ill be honest, the bast way to get over somebody is COMPLETE AND UTTER NO
    CONTACT/CONVOS ABOUT THEM(like if someone mentions um tell um to stfu) but
    to be honest im in the middle of a break up now and im always ok-fine until
    I see “STILL WANT YOUR EX BACK?” in the ad videos. -.- ffs

  • BYRON Syfi says:

    I wish she would watch this to.

  • Himanee Datta says:

    We broke up 1 year ago…at that time i was kindof okay..i missed him but i
    was fine to be free so…moved on… i had a mental emotional
    breakdown and i miss.him so much…idk what happened and its been 1 bloody
    year! I was over him wasnt i? Why didnt i feel anything for one year?? I
    couldve saved out relationship maybe earlier but now?? Idk what to do..m a


    What are these things we shouldn’t say to an ex to avoid never being able
    to redeem ourselves from it

  • Jared Andrews says:

    When’s the next video

  • VesnaSrbija says:

    You are very good looking :)

  • lifeslegund says:

    I have a complicated situation. My ex is dealing with two close deaths in
    his family and things seem confusing. Could you help me somehow?


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