Love, Dating, and Marriage

G.G. Bloomer has spent years counseling confused couples and searching singles. Now you, too, can gain access to his accumulated knowledge and experience with relationship issues. No matter where you are in life, Bishop Bloomer”s hard-hitting and down-to-earth style will provide you with practical and biblically based wisdom to make the right decisions, honor God, and enjoy the relationships that He has brought into your life. As you read this book, you will explore important relational issue and find answers to specific questions: -Should I just put my career on hold to raise a family? -Do opposites really attract? -What can I do if my partner encourages attention from the opposite sex? -What should I do if my partner refuses to confront our problems? -I know someone who”s had an affair; what should I do? From age-old relationship problems to contemporary issues that modern readers may not know much about, Bloomer answers your questions directly and with spiritual insight.

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