— Is It Hopeless? When To Give Up Trying To Get Your Ex Back Sadly, there are some cases where it really is a lost cause. Thankfully, it’s rare that I receive…
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  • Poppy Jones says:

    Hi Brad,

    What if we were only together 1 month?

  • Mohamed Mufaz says:

    i had relationship with a girl for 3 years and we were almost gonna marry
    but due to some disputes main reason was i doubted her and i got angry and
    jealous and said our persnal stuff between us we had broke up she gave
    up me and gone last year August after i mentally fallen down and i couldn’t
    concentrate on my work and finally i joined her office and however after
    some months i became friend with her but she kept me in friend zone and she
    dint even let me touch her palm but i we had many eye contact when we talk
    and i realized she likes me and after few months she said we both don’t
    suit and she is interested about some one and he completely opposite
    character of mine and that guy is younger than her.. then i asked whether
    you in love with him ? then she said no i just interested about him and
    said that “i not sure whether i ll get marry at all” .. then after some
    days i said i will not disturb you again and i going to move on.after that
    i dint even talk to her

  • iNunky says:

    Me and my ex were together 3 years, but we’re young. Her mom was very
    controlling and I was early in our relationship because I was insecure. I
    broke up with her because she very clearly wanted out of the relationship.
    2 months later she contacted me, but got upset because I was dating
    girls(she was dating too tho) I got mad and kinda blew up on her. She
    immediately jumped into a relationship and is been lil over a year, I’ve
    recently contacted her. 1 thing lead to the other we had sex, turns out her
    relationship ended a short time ago. She came by again to talk and cried
    because I came back in her life, but she doesn’t want a relationship. Also
    apparently she wasn’t at all invested in her last relationship (because it
    was a rebound). We got into an argument a few days later because this hurt
    my feelings since I wanted her back. Long story short, she’s young and
    wants to experience more of her life. She says she has love for me, loves
    me and cares for me, but feels like I’m still toxic to her due to our old
    issues. Which currently are just issues with her. What do you think? 30 day
    NC, or just drop it? 

  • priscilla Audrey portillo-carreon says:

    My ex and I were together for 3 years and I cheated on him one night and I
    told him and he broke up with me I’ve tried to get back with him it’s been
    5 months but he keeps telling me to just move on that he’s not coming back.
    Idk what to do I don’t want to move on. 

  • Michelle Lee says:

    Hi Brad, My ex broke up with me only 3 days ago after an 8 month

    Throughout December I was away overseas for one month for with my family
    vacation. All seemed fine with him whilst I was away and we maintained
    daily contact via text.

    However when I got back he immediately changed and started distancing me.
    After 3 times of seeing him, he called me and said he wasn’t happy whilst I
    was away and broke up with me.

    He said he’d been harbouring feelings for his ex who left him and it wasn’t
    fair to lead me on anymore and pretend to be there for me (they broke up
    about 1 year ago after a 4 year relationship). He said he wasn’t sure if he
    was ready for a relationship when he met me but his friend told him to give
    it a try and see where it led, but 8 months on wanted to end it due to how
    he felt.

    I asked if he was still in touch with her, and he said yes now and again. I
    do not know what the extent of their contact is. I wonder if there is more
    to the story that happened whilst I was away.

    I miss him dearly. With this situation in mind is it worth trying your tips
    to get him back or should I just move on if he is still harbouring feelings
    for his ex? Thank you!

  • Tyjuan Mccrea says:

    Hi brad it’s a honor to watch your videos 

  • DJ Dru Nyce SSD says:

    Hey Brad, I recently went through a breakup with my ex who is actually the
    mom of my 2 year old son. Through our 4 year relationship we’ve had a few
    physical and verbal fights. All-in-all the GOOD outweighs the BAD. Only
    thing is, recently she told me she had sexual relations with another man &
    we had a physical fight again which lead to me getting arrested & her
    putting a restraining order on me. Now the order is off, she told me to
    give her space & time and we’ll see what happens after that. Is there hope
    for this relationship or should I move on???

  • john c says:

    Great videos Brad! I had a very short relationship about 2.5 weeks but we
    were close friends and coworkers for about a year and a half and went on
    several dates (nothing intimate) before we agreed take things seriously and
    be in a relationship. I broke out of the friendzone and crossed the tight
    rope of dating a coworker and felt great about myself. Thing were going
    very well and the chemistry was getting stronger, but she ended it abruptly
    (before any intimacy) because an ex that they broke up with twice before
    came back into her life. She left me on the premise of “wanting to see if
    this works” and still wanted us to be friends and still go out and spend
    time together like before. I did tell her that if it doesn’t work out, I
    want to go back to being together which in retrospect may have been a
    mistake. Since the break up day, I have been following the no contact rule
    and have the means to make her jealous and regret leaving me, but is that a
    lost cause in this case? Thanks for all the insight you give!

  • Shacoy King says:

    Hey Brad, long story short I was in a very fast, but very caring three
    month long distance relationship (500 miles apart.) The word “love” was
    used often, but actually meant something between us. I live in Texas, and
    she lives in Missouri. It’s a hour flight from each other. Around about the
    middle of December my ex gf told me of a opportunity for her to move to
    Florida (a state she enjoys,) and move away from her small town in MO; she
    said she would be moving around February. I must also say she has stated
    many times she prefers the country over the city life any day.

    Anyways, half way through December she feared the pain she would feel from
    prolonging things until the time she found out for sure if she would be
    moving or not, and broke things off with me… I accepted that, and slowly
    began moving on. Unfortunately two days later she initiates contact with me
    by saying “I miss you,” then we began calling, sleeping on the phone, and
    texting just as we used to do before she cut things off. This lasted for a
    little while…

    Around the 4th of January she became very cold, texting back hours later,
    would call me, but wouldn’t take my calls. She even went as far as letting
    all my calls go to voicemail late at night so I would assume she was
    asleep, but we followed each other on Instagram, and I could see her
    activity (likes, and follows.) Her activity proves she was actually awake
    and simply ignoring my calls/texts late at night because she was liking
    other people’s photos around the times I tried reaching out to her.

    A couple of days ago I told her even if she moved that wouldn’t be a
    problem for me because I could always just buy a ticket and fly her to
    Texas (with me) from time to time. She replied by saying she doesn’t feel
    comfortable with me spending money on tickets for her, and that she would
    be babysitting there, and wouldn’t be able to do that all the time. I told
    her that I didn’t mind waiting for her until she had time to visit, because
    I saw the relationship as a “…investment for something better to come,
    and the distance would only be temporary.” She seemed to listen to me, but
    after a few more days of excuses to why she couldn’t text me back, I
    realized based off her Instagram activity she liked one guys photos
    particularly, a guy that lived in Florida, and even commented on his
    physical appeal. He has as also liked some of her pictures, but from what I
    can tell, he has many women doing this towards his photos. I thought this
    was interesting because this same guy actually lives on campus at a
    university that is about a hour from where she will be staying in Florida.
    Granted I do like the pictures of women I think are attractive (usually
    famous,) and would leave a occasional “she’s hot” comment so I didn’t
    really think she was doing anything, but something could happen because
    they will be local to each other.

    After finding out that she liked this guys photos I went through a week, or
    two week period of no contact and dating; I went out got numbers, went on
    dates, hung out with girls and overall did my thing, but during that time I
    noticed I couldn’t really focus on those women because I was still
    emotionally invested in my current ex. Literally the dates were fun for
    them, but for me, I felt guilty when they would try to kiss me, even if it
    were on the cheek… I even pushed away attempts they initiated for hand
    holding, and general affection while at the movie theatre. It Just didn’t
    feel right even though I was newly single. I reached out to her after the
    no contact I initiated and she seemed to miss me, but kept pushing that we
    can’t work due to the circumstances, but I told her I make decent money.
    and with me only taking online classes in college, the occasional plane
    ticket here and there wouldn’t hurt my wallet. Things ended again with me
    saying that I would be “giving up on her.” She didn’t reply.

    So with all of this said, in your professional opinion should I simply give
    up on this woman and move on with my life? I must say I haven’t met her,
    but have established a emotional connection that is much stronger, and
    caring than all of my past physical relationships… Also it isn’t hard for
    me to find another girl, but I don’t want to because I still feel connected
    to her even though we were only in the relationship for a matter of months.
    And on a side note it’s only been two days or so since I told her I was
    “…giving up on her.”

    What do you think I should do?


  • Sidonia Wilferth says:

    Hi Brad, My Ex and I split 6 weeks ago, we lived together and I broke the
    trust (no I didn’t cheat). We still have contact mostly via text and
    occasionally we just hang out together. My Ex says he has “Good Sid” days
    and “Bad Sid” moments where he thinks about what I have done. I am trying
    to win back his trust and him, however is reluctant (which I can
    understand), I am considering the “no contact rule”, do you think that will
    help me in getting him back, or should I just walk away? Thank you for any
    insight that you can give to me.

  • Rachael Pertuit says:

    Hey Brad,
    My ex and I started a company together. He owns all rights to it, but wants
    me to continue to work for the company. It’s just me and him. He left me a
    month ago because he found some other girl, and then proposed to her within
    8 weeks (I didn’t know they were dating 4 weeks). He met her at an event,
    and within 8 weeks proposed! I am completely devastated our 4.5yr
    relationship ended this way. He am doing everything you have said not to! I
    went on a date, and ignored him one weekend, and he was angry, but begging
    for me back. (And he has a fiancé!) He controls my phone, my payment,
    everything. I feel completely trapped. I want to work, but it hurts me
    because I’m no longer working for our future together. I enjoy the job, and
    pride myself on what I helped build. It’s not like it’s a big company. It’s
    just me and him. He moved out 4 weeks ago, and moved 2 miles down the road
    even though his new girl lives by his house in GA. My question is this
    worth it? I work because I love it, but I don’t think I can love it
    anymore. He gets so angry when I try to quit knowing he would be screwed
    without my help. I strongly feel that things would get better if I stopped
    begging etc., but really concerned I will fall into the dumping zone just
    using me for work. Please help! *Unique Situation*

  • Xingi Cho says:

    Hi Brad..

    I just broke up from my 13 years of relationship. He was cheating on me for
    the past 5 years and i never knew about it, until few weeks back. He says
    he doesn’t want to lose me, nor he can leave the other gal, so, i dumped
    him instead. And now i really want to get over this sudden emotional
    turnover. He was my first ever BF, so its getting more hard for me to bear
    the betrayal.. I’m just lost and hurt.. :'( 

  • bullshitxo says:

    I can’t get over my ex. Its been a year now. The break up wasnt to
    dramatic, it was just at the time we couldnt hang often and i regret it so
    much.i should of gone out of my way just to see him. he now has a
    girlfriend, but it doesnt seem like hes very interested in her. i feel like
    hes just dating her to say hes dating somebody. his best friend likes me
    and we are best friends and told me he thinks my ex still has feelings for
    me because since his bestfriend likes me he tells him im gonna break his
    heart like i did to him and im just gonna hurt him, etc etc. my ex always
    tries to ruin future relationships as if he doesnt want to see me with
    anybody else.. me and his friend were a thing at one point and he started
    treating his friend like shit and putting him down constantly when he heard
    me and him were talking. I don’t have feelings for his friend no longer but
    it made me kind of happy knowing my ex talks about me, even if it might not
    be in the positive way. he has to be thinking about me right? I don’t know
    why i’m into him because hes hurt me so much but i cant move on or love
    another. i dont have that amazing feeling you get when the person you love
    texts you n you nearly throw you phone across the room with excitement. im
    waiting for him to randomly text me one day telling me he misses me and how
    he messed up. months and months go on and nothing happens. i cant wait for
    the summer, thats when i see him most because i’ll be looking cute asf and
    maybe then he’ll finally think im beautiful again. I just want him to love
    me the way i love him. I remember we had those “I love you more” battles. I
    guess it was true when i said i love you more. I dont know, I know i need
    to move on but i cant. i got alot better throughout the months but still
    have those nights i break down and cry thinking about what went wrong. I
    miss him. I want him to miss me too.

  • Austen Azevedo says:

    Hey brad,
    So my girlfriend of 1 year and I broke up 2 weeks ago. I felt like she was
    pushing me away saying she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be with me anymore
    or if we were right for each other and I said I didn’t think we should wear
    our promise rings until things get better. We fought a lot over nothing and
    i would accuse her of things and snap at her and I was verbally abusive to
    her saying mean things. She is very sensitive. But I left her house that
    night because she was saying those things and hurting me. So she felt I
    broke up with her (her mom said she called crying that i had broken up with
    her) and that I didn’t want our rings at all. That’s not how I meant it, I
    only meant for the time being. Short story is I called her a day later and
    said I was sorry for everything I ever did and could change and be the guy
    she fell in love with. She wouldn’t give me the chance said she would have
    to think. She got mad over a girl commenting to me on social media and me
    replying. Blocked me on all social media. We had talked about 4 times
    throughout the 2 weeks. Me initiating 90% of the time. yesterday said it
    was over for good and she was done. I asked for another chance she said
    “nothing was changing her mind” and I asked if this was forever she said
    pretty much she can’t see us working out and doesn’t want to be romantic
    with me anymore. She said me asking her for a chance and talking was making
    her not want me more. She said she doesn’t love me anymore. She said she
    loved me more than anything the day after we broke up. At the end of the
    condo I said I was done chasing her and didn’t want to be friends, only
    lovers. Now it’s really final. No chances. I want her back so badly. She is
    the one. What do I do from here. Please help. I thought her and I had very
    deep roots so did her parents. Please help Brad. Thanks


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