Breaking up with someone always involves some very strong emotions. These feelings can cause people to react in unpredictable ways. Often their responses can be both counter productive and self destructive. All too often one party may feel more strongly about the break up than the other. Just because you are completely heart broken your ex could be getting on with life as though nothing has happened. Her lack of apparent misery can easily un-nerve you and make you think everything is lost forever. This is not necessarily the case.

Some level-headed analysis is what is needed if you are seriously committed to getting your ex girlfriend back. Here are some suggestions that you need to consider:

First, did you do something that could have caused the break up? Experience shows that girls rarely want to break up over some flippant reason.

The seriousness of your actions probably won’t always register with you but your ex may, in her mind, have been treated very badly by you. And because you did not recognise her concern she could build up more and more resentment against you. Her final move is to break up and leave you to feel guilty with out knowing why.

If you feel certain that the break up was caused by something you did or said, you could try explaining to your ex that you realise how wrong you were to act as you did and seek her forgiveness. If she sees that you are sincere and really repentant this could be the first major step towards getting back with your ex girlfriend.

While you are endeavouring to get your ex girlfriend back, no one should expect you to pine alone. Socialise with friends and colleagues. Even dating another girl could be a tactic that accelerates the reconciliation process. The fear of loss may prompt her to reconsider the break up.

Remember that relationships are constantly in a state of flux. That means there will always be little skirmishes and elements of tension between couples even when they have been together for a long time. Most misunderstandings between loving couples are usually resolved by time and through genuine effort by both parties to sustain the relationship.

By demonstrating a degree of maturity under pressure and finding a way to show her that you still really care for her you are building up “bonus points” in your favour. This is a productive and positive way of earning the right to get your ex girlfriend back. It is also very good tactics to work at becoming friends with your ex again. If you can get her to trust you again you are well on the way to reconciling.

After you get your ex girlfriend back some people suggest that you should ask her why you broke up in the first place, this could be dangerous but, if you are careful how you approach the topic it will give you a better understanding of the way she thinks which will enable to avoid future problems. One last warning, you don’t want to make her think that you are holding any bad feelings about the breakup. These are just the initial steps in winning your Ex back. Frankly when I lost the love of my life I wish I could have turned to T ‘Dub’ Jackson. His book The Magic of Making Up may have changed my life.

T ‘Dub’ has written an easy to read, down to earth step by step plan called The Magic Of Making Up. Believe me, it is working like magic for people all over the world. It could save your relationship. Highly recommended.

Helping anyone in an emotional state is hard. They need to step back from the situation and seek dependable advice. Often rational thinking is abandoned and people seek help from friends and relatives who often have nursed reservations about the relationship. But as soon as a problem erupts the advice offered is heavily slanted towards their biased views. I found a book about the Magic Of Making Up. Author T Dub Jackson has enjoyed world-wide success. The book is easy to read and sure to help those in pain.

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