Did you just make a big mistake by breaking up with your girlfriend you’ve been with forever. A breakup is painful enough, but then to realize how big of a mistake it was makes it even more painful. Things like this happens in a relationship. Take this opportunity to learn from your mistakes. After the two of you get back together, don’t let her go again. Here are a few tips to get her back.

For some women, flowers and gifts work but there are other women for whom that will not work. They feel as though you are trying to buy them back. You can do a little of that, but don’t overdo it. Maybe if a special occasion is happening at that time. But don’t do it just because. Your best start to winning her back is to show your affection by spending quality time with her.

Just be friends with her. Don’t force yourself back in her life. Going slow is the key. Begging her to take you back isn’t the thing to do. This will do more harm than good. If she needs someone to listen to her problems, be there for her but don’t rush the question if she’s ready to get back together. A time for healing is what she’s going to need after the breakup, especially if it was you who did the breaking up.

Don’t promise her things. Don’t promise her that you’ll change and that you’ll try and be the perfect man. You’re only setting her up for disappointment. Although you believe what you say, she will be thinking you’re saying it to win her back.

Start with romance. You have to put some effort in this to win her back. Leave her a short message daily that you wish her to have a good day and you’ll be thinking of her. Show your care for her with the little things. For example, if she’s home, sick in bed, bring her some comfort food. If you overdo it, you’ll only suffocate her. Take it slow and keep it friendly between you and your ex-girlfriend.

Don’t try and stop her from dating. As for you, you should not be dating other women if your goal is to get her back. This may sound unfair to you but it is you who wants something from her. Put your pride aside and work through the pain. When she’s through healing, she’ll come back. What’s important here is for you to win back your ex-girlfriend, even if it takes a long time.

I hope you find the answer for how to get my girlfriend back. Believe in yourself

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