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Oliphant’s Presidents

Oliphant’s Presidents is a unique presentation of some of the best of this artist’s work-a review of artwork dating from 1964 and spanning more than 20 years, gauging the political peaks and valleys from LBJ and Vietnam to Tricky Dick and Watergate.

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Déjà vu Bride: Contemporary Christian Romance (Racing Book 2)

Déjà vu Bride: Contemporary Christian Romance (Racing Book 2)

Racing Series:

Book 1 The Bride Wore Coveralls

Book 2 Déjà vu Bride

Book 3 Catch Me If You Can

Déjà vu Bride:

Furious with God, Olivia Roseman vows to never trust Him again. Why should she? Once again her prayers have gone unanswered, and once again another loved one has been ripped from her. With no job and only a few dollars, Olivia makes a choice to start over again. Without God and without love. However, her handsome new boss isn’t going to make for


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Consider Lily

A tale of love, trials, and faith set against a wonderfully drawn portrait of San Francisco, Consider Lily is chick lit with a heart. Lily Traywick thinks she must have been adopted. It’s easier than believing she’s actually related to Jane and Roland Traywick, her power-couple parents who own Traywick’s of San Francisco, the most chichi department store on the West Coast. While her parents party with Muccia in Milan and Gabbana in Paris, Lily hangs out at home in ratty jeans and an old T-shirt. She loves softball, guys, and Jesus, and she’s eager to make her own way in the world. Feeling that her life is on hold, she turns to her best friend Reagan Axness. Reagan, a fashionista who has it all, offers just the solution: a major life makeover. Lily is soon dressing in the latest must-have fashions and pursuing a writing career. She’s even dating the perfect guy. But does he love her for who she really is? And will he be able to resist the tempting seductress who has her eye on him? As Lily’s old friends question her new way of life, and public scandal, family drama, and technological disasters add to her confusion, Lily is forced to consider whether her quest to have it all will cause her to lose everything that matters. Hot off their debut success, Emily Ever After, good-girl chick-lit trailblazers Dayton and Vanderbilt return with a witty, refreshingly real story of a young woman’s adventures in the high-powered world of San Francisco high fashion.

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